Who We Are

ICAN is a Health Initiative of the Community Service Society of New York (CSS).

CSS is an informed, independent, and unwavering voice for positive action on behalf of more than 3 million low-income New Yorkers. CSS draws on a 170-year history of excellence in addressing the root causes of economic disparity through research, advocacy, litigation, and innovative program models that strengthen and benefit all New Yorkers. CSS is committed to the goal of increasing access to quality, affordable health coverage as a means to improve individual and community health outcomes, promote health equity, and alleviate barriers to employment.

ICAN consists of staff at CSS, as well as a network of other nonprofit organizations around New York state. Our network includes the following outstanding organizations, selected for their proven track record of educating and advocating for older adults and people with disabilities:

When you call ICAN, you may reach an expert health counselor at CSS or any of these other organizations. Our network of organizations helps us reach people throughout New York state, as well as support ICAN by developing training materials, conducting community education programs, and providing technical assistance to health counselors.

ICAN’s staff at CSS are:

  • Anne Kelsey, Associate Supervising Attorney
  • Brian Salazar, Health Attorney
  • David Silva, Program Director
  • Jane O’Sullivan, Quality Assurance and Network Manager
  • Madelyne Hidalgo, Health Counselor
  • Michelle Chu, Health Attorney
  • Nancy Castillo, Health Counselor
  • Nerisusan Duliepre, Health Counselor
  • Rosalina Gonzalez, Health Counselor
  • Vladimir Levin, Health Counselor

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Note: ICAN is not part of the New York State Medicaid program or any other government agency. The opinions, results, findings and/or interpretations of data contained on this website are the responsibility of CSS and do not necessarily represent the opinions, interpretations or policy of the State.