Answers to questions posed about ICAN RFP for Capital District

CSS has issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for a new community-based organization to provide ICAN services in the Capital District.

Please see below our answers to questions that have been posed to date by potential applicants:

Is this just post-enrollment support or does it include pre-enrollment education about covered programs?

The ICAN program also provides pre-enrollment education about covered programs and impartial choice counseling.  However, once a consumer knows which plan they wish to enroll in, ICAN does a conference call with the consumer and NY Medicaid Choice, the State’s enrollment broker, to provide enrollment assistance.

Do we submit copies of our commitment letters for use of office space we have with other CBOs to meet with clients in the surrounding counties with the application or do we just need to list out or collaborations in our application?

It is sufficient to list the meeting sites and sponsoring CBOs in your application; we do not need copies of commitment letters.

Do we submit our HIPPA policy/consumer consent form we use with our consumers ( which is only needed for certain programs/services we currently provide) with our application or can we just reference it in the application?

As per section (D)(3) of the RFP, please provide copies of written policies or forms with your application.

Can we submit more than 2 letters of reference?


On page 9 the RFP indicates award is projected to be between $30,000 and $60,000. Is that amount for the first 7 month contract or an annualized amount?

That range of amounts is just for the 7-month period; it is not annualized.

On page 2 it says applicants must not: have a personal, professional, or financial relationship with any of the covered program plans or sponsoring entities.”  We are a fiscal intermediary for the Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistance Program. We contract with Medicaid managed care plans. Would this disqualify us?

Not necessarily.  Please explain in your proposal, on the Conflict of Interest Attestation Form, why this would not represent a conflict of interest with your organization’s provision of ICAN services.


The deadline for questions about this RFP is August 16, 2019.  All questions will be answered on this site by August 23, 2019.  All responses to the RFP must be submitted by September 6, 2019.

Thank you for your interest in working with ICAN!