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ICAN includes 18 agencies and can meet clients at 57 locations throughout New York state where we can meet with people in-person. Call to schedule an in-person meeting. We can also visit you in your home if you have difficulty traveling.

Enter your address to find the closest ICAN locations. Then, call for an appointment. No walk-ins.

In the Location Details for each site, Regular Office means that there are usually ICAN staff located there, and Meeting Site means that ICAN staff only go there to meet with consumers. Either way, please call for an appointment.

Key facts to keep in mind about the Agency Finder:

  • ICAN does not accept walk-ins. You have to call ICAN to schedule an appointment.
  • Some of the locations are permanently staffed, and some are just locations where staff can meet with clients so there is nobody from ICAN there most of the time.
  • ICAN will arrange for a home visit for anyone who needs it, so lack of a proximate site should not be an obstacle.
Need assistance? Call ICAN at (844) 614-8800 to find an agency.
Prefer to attend a group event? View the ICAN events calendar.

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