Preventing reductions of home care services

Photo of ICAN client Carmen Santiago

Carmen Santiago had been living in the same building in Brooklyn for 49 years. She was like the mayor of the building, surrounded by a community whom she had supported over the years, and were now helping to support her. But at 78 and suffering from osteoporosis, she also needed home care services to remain in her beloved home.

In May 2015, Carmen Santiago called ICAN because she was nervous about a letter she had received from her MLTC plan. She had been receiving 25 hours per week of home attendant services, and the letter said that her services would be reduced to 12 hours per week.

The ICAN counselor helped her request an appeal to challenge her plan’s decision.  She also called her doctor’s office to get a letter explaining that she had a history of falls and needed help every day.

But the plan denied her appeal anyway.  So her ICAN counselor helped her request a fair hearing with the State. She came to visit Ms. Santiago to learn more about the kind of help she needed with her daily activities.  She obtained copies of the assessments from the plan which showed that Ms. Santiago’s condition had not improved. Armed with this information, ICAN contacted the law firm representing the plan and convinced them to restore Ms. Santiago’s services without a hearing.